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Advance your career in international tax. Our training programme for the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)’s exam helps you to prepare thoroughly. Study with our proven study programmes and benefit from our expertise in tax and training.

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    If you intend to pursue a career in international taxation – in industry, commerce, private practice or the public sector – this is the qualification for you.

    The Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) meets the demand, both in and outside the UK, for a specialist qualification for international tax practitioners in the corporate area. The Diploma shows you have a high level of competence in international taxation and brings you the benefits of an internationally recognised qualification. It recognises that international tax advisers need to understand more than one tax system. The overall standard is comparable to the CTA in the UK. The ADIT examination is set by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

    What do I need to do to qualify for the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation?

    Register as a student and apply to sit the exams

    You must register as a student with the Institute, for which you need a valid email address. Students should aim to be registered by 30 November if they wish to sit an examination the following June (and 31 May if they wish to sit an exam in December), although registration will remain possible up to the end of January for June exam candidates and the end of July for December exam candidates.

    Then you must separately apply to sit the examination. The deadline for this is the end of February for the June examination and end of August for the December examinations.

    Study for the exams

    There is a choice of paper for each of the three exams you must pass. Tolley Tax Training offer training to help you prepare for and pass the following papers:

    • Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation
    • Paper 2.09 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction) – UK
    • Paper 3.01 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) – EU Direct Tax
    • Paper 3.02 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) – EU VAT
    • Paper 3.03 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) – Transfer Pricing
    • Paper 3.04 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) – Upstream Oil & Gas

    Sit and pass the three exam papers

    You can sit the three papers for the ADIT qualification separately or all at once.

    Paper 1 is compulsory, you can choose any combination of the other papers.

    There is a handwritten sitting of the exams in June  and on-screen sittings of the exams in June and December. Each examination is 3 hours 15 minutes in length (including 15 minutes reading time). 

    You are allowed to take certain publications into the examination.

    The pass mark for each paper is 50%. The results are released in August and February.

    Find out more about the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

    You can find more about the exams, choices and other details at the ADIT website or call the Institute on 0844 579 6700.

  • When you choose an exam training organisation, the most important measure of success is its pass rates. At Tolley Tax Training we are proud that we have always published our pass rates for all examinations, and that they consistently surpass the national average.

    Two distinguishing factors have helped our students to success, and will contribute to your exam success too:

    * Our targeted study material, which enables you to focus specifically on the requirements of your particular examination. Our comprehensive and flexible online study package lets you make the most of your study time, and study whenever and wherever you want; and

    * Our dedicated tutorial and client services team, whose unrivalled knowledge of the examinations and your options means that all your queries can be answered in one place. We offer the best service because our sole purpose is to provide training and advice for the tax examinations.

    ADIT June 2017 Examinations

    Tolley Exam Training*

    National Average

    Paper 1



    Paper 2.09



    Paper 3.01



    Paper 3.0389%88%
    * Pass rates are for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme

    ADIT December 2016 Examinations

    Tolley Exam Training*

    National Average

    Paper 1



    Paper 2.09



    Paper 3.01



    Paper 3.03100%76%
    * Pass rates are for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme
  • Dates and prices 

    Download our course schedules to find out key course dates and prices for your Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) course.

    ADIT 2017 examinations


    Please find below a list of our ADIT training centres:


    Lexis House
    30 Farringdon Street
    EC4A 4HH

    CCT Venues-Barbican
    Aldersgate House
    135-137 Aldersgate Street
    EC1A 4JA

How to Apply Online

Applying online is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select your papers
  2. Select your options (click the red box to un-select)
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Submit your application form

What is The Guaranteed Pass Scheme

The Guaranteed Pass Scheme is a way of ensuring you have the ability and confidence to pass first time with Tolley. Our experience shows that students who follow the Tolley training programme and provide regular study time have a very high chance of passing their examinations.

All eligible students enrolled with us on this programme will be given one free distance learning and revision course if, in the unlikely event, they fail their examinations. The Guaranteed Pass Scheme comprises of our distance learning course; taught classroom courses and revision course.

Other Ways to Learn

Distance Learning

At the heart of all of our courses is our distance learning course. By signing up for a distance learning course you get a wealth of targeted material that allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that your material has been written by our own tutors. Our Distance Learning material comprises: 

  • Study manuals
  • Question banks
  • Practice exams
  • Memory joggers
  • Revision question bank
  • Revision mock
  • Access to the Tolley Academy
  • FREE Online lectures from Tolley Tax Tutor to support your studies (where applicable)
  • Membership of the Tolley student forum
  • Personal study plan on Tolley Tracker

Online Distance Learning

For those students who wish to study exclusively online, we offer an online option at a reduced price which gives you everything from the traditional distance learning course apart fromthe printed manuals and question banks.

Click here to see what is contained in our Law & Ethics distance learning package.

Taught Classes

If you want to enhance the distance learning course and give your studies a kick start you can attend our taught classroom courses. Presented by one of our experienced tutors these courses will explain the technical topics in a straightforward way, focusing on the key areas for the examination.

Revision Courses

If you wish to fine-tune your technical knowledge and practice your exam technique then our question based revision courses are the perfect preparation for your exam. The revision course is not a time to re-teach the syllabus, instead it's is all about question practice and how to best approach those questions to maximise your knowledge and the marks.