ATT/CTA Tax Pathway

Gain both ATT and CTA qualifications faster and specialise in an area of tax from an early stage. Our leading training programme, delivered by expert lecturers, will help you prepare and pass the joint Tax Pathway exams.

  • Your route to two specialist tax qualifications in less time
  • Taught by some of the most well-known and experienced tutors in the UK
  • Guaranteed Pass Scheme with outstanding pass rates

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Important notice: Coronavirus

In light of the current situation, all courses for the May and November 2021 ATT and CTA Exams will be run as Online Tuition Live (OTL) until at least 2nd July 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation to determine whether it is safe to have a gradual return to face to face courses from July 2021 onwards.

All 2021 ADIT tuition and revision courses will now be run as Online Tuition Live (OTL).

See our FAQS for further information

Exam registration

Exam sittings take place twice a year. Register by the end of February 2020 for the May 2020 sitting and by the end of August 2020 for the November 2020 sitting.

Suggested Routes

There are many combinations of papers and routes that you can take as part of the Tax Pathway. The key is to identify which areas of taxation you are both interested in and keen to understand further, as well as which would most benefit your career in taxation.

  • General Practice
  • Corporate Taxes
  • Human Capital Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes

There is an important decision to be made at Core Knowledge Acquisition (2) between taking a third ATT paper and CTA Awareness. The step up from an ATT to a CTA paper is a significant one that many students historically struggle with. Taking CTA Awareness at this point will be demanding, as it will require you to attempt a CTA paper earlier on in your studies than would have previously been the case.

Choosing a third ATT paper instead may seem a more straightforward option, as it also exempts students from CTA Awareness.

Whichever route you choose, we will ensure that you have all the necessary syllabus knowledge and are fully prepared for each examination.

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If you have any queries about any aspect of your studies, please give us a call.

Telephone: 020 3364 4500

Download our Exam Training brochure for more information about studying with Tolley.

Download Exam Training brochure

Study options

One of the reasons for our students’ excellent exam results is the wide range of study options that we offer.

Online Tuition Live

Tolley’s Online Tuition Live (OTL) provides you with the same high-quality teaching you receive in the classroom but with the added flexibility of joining from the comfort of your own home or office.

Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Ensuring you have the ability and confidence to pass first time with Tolley.
The scheme combines our tuition and revision courses. All eligible students enrolled on this programme will be given one free distance learning and revision course, if, in the unlikely event, they fail their examinations.


Distance learning and revision course

Pass rates

We are confident our pass rates will continue to significantly surpass the national average and our wide range of study options help to achieve this.

Our ATT November 2020 pass rates

 Tolley Exam Training*National Average
Paper 188% 79%
Paper 292% 77%
Paper 395% 91%
Paper 473% 69%
Paper 5100% 91%
Paper 688% 72%

* Pass rates for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Our CTA November 2020 pass rates

 Tolley Exam Training*National Average
Awareness86% 66%
Technical70% 49%
Application48% 48%

* Pass rates for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Tax Pathway different from the traditional route of the ATT exam followed by the CTA exam?

You register with both the ATT and the CIOT at the same time and complete the two qualifications in an efficient way. Most importantly, it allows you to follow a specialist route from the beginning, due to the free choice of ATT papers.

Which exams are compulsory under the Tax Pathway?

The Accounting, Law and Professional Responsibilities and Ethics Computer Based Examinations are the only compulsory exams under the Tax Pathway. These must be passed before sitting the last written paper. The tax exam choices for the other elements of the Pathway are at your discretion.

How do I register as a student and apply to sit the ATT/CTA exams?

You must register as a student with the ATT and be at least 16 years old, four months before your examination. You must also apply separately to sit the written exams direct with the ATT and/or CTA.

How do I register if I’m a current ATT student and want to join the Tax Pathway?

Current ATT students can join the Tax Pathway, provided they have passed no more than two of the ATT written papers. CTA students can also transfer onto the Tax Pathway.

Find out more

Find out more about the Tax Pathway qualification and examinations. Visit the Institute’s website at

For more details on the ATT papers and the exemptions available, visit or call them on 020 7340 0551

Student registration

Register as a student with the ATT and begin your ATT/CTA exam qualification. Don’t forget – you can also join the Tax pathway if you are a current ATT student or a current CTA student.