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Our course dates and prices will help you to plan ahead and organise your schedule.

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How Tax Pathway works

The Pathway consists of five elements – Core Knowledge 1, Core Knowledge 2, the Computer Based Examinations, Advanced Technical knowledge, and Application & Professional Skills.

How Tax Pathway works
Joining the Tax Pathway

If you are a current ATT or CTA student, you can join the Tax Pathway, provided you meet certain criteria.

Transferring to the Pathway

Early booking offer

Book now to secure our 2021 prices for your training courses. Our 2022 prices will go live on 1st October 2021.

Exam Registration

Exam sittings take place twice a year.  Register with the Association of Taxation Technicians by the end of February for the May examinations and by the end of August for the November examinations.

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I know what papers I want to book

With our flexible study options, you can book your papers individually or together. You can also assign different sittings that fit around you.

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Help me understand what papers to take

Our expert tutors are on hand with practical advice on what papers you should take, and in what order, to help you succeed.

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Study options

One of the reasons for our students’ excellent exam results is the wide range of study options that we offer, including a Guaranteed Pass Scheme, Online Tuition Live and Distance Learning options.

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Online Support Sessions

Our Online Support Sessions are bite-size recordings from our expert tutors, providing you with overviews on key topics within the syllabus and question debriefs. These are ideal if you need to recap on some areas, or understand in more detail some of the trickier topics found within your paper.

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Pass rates

We are confident our pass rates will continue to significantly surpass the national average and our wide range of study options help to achieve this.

Our ATT November 2021 pass rates

Tolley Exam Training*National Average
Paper 197%73%
Paper 291%71%
Paper 392%91%
Paper 491%85%
Paper 5100%84%
Paper 691%81%

* Pass rates for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Our CTA November 2021 pass rates

Tolley Exam Training*National Average

* Pass rates for those enrolled on the Guaranteed Pass Scheme

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