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The Front Line is where you stand face to face with HMRC and agree tax. Whatever the size of your business it's not a place to be alone - or go to unprepared.

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  • Research

    No matter what sort of organisation you work in, it's hard to stay fully informed on all the important new tax cases and amendments to tax legislation. Your clients want you to be able to take advantage of new tax planning opportunities. Your employer needs to be sure that your advice reflects the latest changes to compliance rules.

    You can trust Tolley's comprehensive range of tax products to make it easier than ever to keep up-to-date with the constant changes in tax and find all the details you need. Tolley's products are written by tax specialists for tax specialists and designed to suit the way you work.

  • Practical Guidance

    Undue risk is often the result of misunderstanding. Mistakes occur when the way ahead isn't clear.

    With us by your side, there's no need to have sleepless nights fearing litigation for inaccurate or incorrect advice – or not meeting HMRC statutory requirements. We give you the tools to check that nothing slips your mind, and help us provide evidence that you have taken reasonable care.

  • CPD / Development

    Passing your tax exams is just a part of your learning. Continuing professional development is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession.  If the CPD requirements are not met, there are harsh penalties brought against professionals who choose to ignore these standards and regulations, as set by their respective professional or regulatory body associations. 

    You can achieve a certain amount of learning 'on the job', but you need to bolster that with regular formal education and training. It's certainly worth the time investment. Professionals who plan their skills development tend to make faster progress in their careers, in the direction they choose. And keeping your knowledge fresh with Tolley is a great way to combat the constant challenge of staying ahead of tax's changing rules and regulations.

    It can be hard to fit that amount of learning into a busy working day. So Tolley's professional development products and services make it easier, with a wide choice of subject matter and delivery routes.

  • Qualifications

    Whether you're just starting out in tax or accountancy, or already have years of experience, its hard work gaining the qualifications you need to progress in your career. Tolley Exam Training can help you succeed in gaining those vital tax qualifications. We are experts in tax and our exam pass rates are the best in the industry. And we can help you right from the start, when you're choosing the qualification that's right for your experience and your interest.

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Tolley Exam Training offers the best study experience available, achieving pass rates that significantly pass the national average.

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