In-House Tax Professionals

"One sentence is worth its weight in gold"

Every tax practitioner working within commerce and industry faces a similar challenge. Your employer expects the level of knowledge and insight that they'd get from a specialist at a tax advisory firm, but they have a team that is the fraction of the size. Tolley can help you, by becoming a virtual extension to your team.

Tax Journal

To ensure that you and your team are never caught out by the fast pace of change, Tax Journal keeps you abreast of all the most relevant recent developments. Tax Journal, available as a weekly magazine, online and through TolleyLibrary, focuses on a broad range of tax issues that affect business.


TolleyLibrary is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use research tool for UK taxation. It brings together the complete wealth of information from the entire Tolley range of books, loose leafs and magazines, and houses it in an intuitive online platform that enables you to quickly find the content you need.


For a resource that combines research with learning and practical know-how, online, look to TolleyGuidance. The corporation tax, employment tax and VAT modules are particularly popular within commerce and industry and deal with a wide range of specific tax scenarios. A huge choice of tools, from checklists and templates to lectures and worked examples, enables you and your team to take matters much further before engaging your external advisors, reducing the spend on external resource and increasing your staff skills in the process.