International tax database
Read and compare the Tax Analysts’ database, containing more than 10,000 treaties, amending protocols and similar documents. We provide links to original documents and related news and analysis, as well as treaties in their original language.
Tax systems in 150+ countries
Access information about the corporate and individual tax systems in over 150 countries. PwC’s Worldwide Tax Summaries are linked to Worldwide Tax Treaties, Tax Analysts’ online tool, providing you with a comprehensive database of bilateral and multilateral tax treaties.
250+ worldwide experts
Updates and insights on statuses, new rulings and court decisions as soon as they’re delivered from our correspondents. Based in more than 180 countries, our commentators include private practitioners, government officials, academics and tax and economic experts.

Tax Analysts allows you to understand complex international changes, avoid undue risk and adhere to the compliance rules. Making it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with other countries’ tax systems.

Accuracy in any jurisdiction

Quickly find what you need to deal with the most complex tax issues, whatever the jurisdiction. Tax Analysts has accurate tax information on international issues, along with reliable data and commentary.

Daily updates for a comprehensive world view

Keep your knowledge up-to-date with relevant information delivered straight to your inbox. Tax Analysts’ daily updates can be customised so you receive the insights most pertinent to you, including the very latest laws and cases.

The largest network of international specialists

Fully searchable archives for easy research. Access news coverage and easy-to-search archived information on global tax treaty developments – from the largest network of international tax specialists. Get the information, commentary and detail that you need, fast.

Confidently compliant

Comprehend and adhere to the industry’s toughest compliance rules. Tax Analysts gives you practical knowledge of how every section of international tax law works. Confidently advise clients and avoid the risks associated with incomplete or outdated information.

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