Large Practice

"It's a huge risk to assume knowledge because the law changes so often"

For larger general practice firms, business can be a complex juggling act. How do you keep large numbers of clients, members of staff, and HMRC happy; or at least away from your door? How can you succeed in an extremely competitive world surrounded by similar firms going after the same business? When you are involved in running a practice like this there is a fine balance to strike between being profitable, offering excellent service and remaining competitive.

At Tolley we believe that we can help larger general practices to safely achieve that balance.


If you're managing people your main concern is probably developing and growing your staff, whilst ensuring that your team delivers against business objectives. That's where TolleyGuidance can really help. Combining research with learning and practical know-how in an easy-to-search online platform, TolleyGuidance deals with a wide range of specific tax scenarios. It takes your people through every step, from concept to client delivery, serving up practice notes, template documents, checklists, worked examples, bite-sized lectures, legislation, HMRC materials and news along the way. 

Our client firms tell us that by using TolleyGuidance they empower their junior staff to take on more work. And they change the dynamic of the conversations between juniors and their managers. Instead of asking how to do something, they discuss why and the implications of doing it, elevating a conversation about tax law and the mechanics of compliance to an opportunity for the manager to pass on their deep knowledge and experience.

TolleyExam Training

When your juniors are ready to take their exams and get a formal qualification, there is no better place for them to come than TolleyExam Training. Tolley is the only training provider that specialises in tax. That shows in our results: more students choose to study with us than with any other provider, and far more of Tolley's students pass than the national average. 

Our training team is dedicated to training for tax qualifications. We write all of our own materials, our tutors teach nothing but tax and our customer services team only supports our students. We are very proud of the fact that since we started offering exam training in 2002 we have not lost a single client firm.


Most of all, Tolley is known for our deep research. Since 1916 when Charles Tolley created the world's first tax table we have been innovating to make tax law more accessible. This has culminated in the creation of TolleyLibrary, an online research platform that contains all the market-leading Tolley content, from Simon's and De Voil, to the Tolley Annuals and Tolley Tax Guide. 

Intuitive natural language search combined with advanced filtering options means that you can quickly find the trusted content you need and reply to client queries efficiently.