Quarterly VAT

Get VAT updates from the last three months including Tribunal and Court decisions, legislation and Customs announcements by VAT specialist, Mike Thexton.
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in just 15 minutes

Get bite-sized, pre-recorded seminars summarising the latest VAT developments in a practical, succinct and engaging way. Seminars are available online, or to download, and get supporting notes to watch, listen or read anywhere, anytime on any device.
Add to your
CPD development

Every seminar counts towards your Continued Professional Development and is automatically recorded in the TolleyCPD Tracker. You can add your own targets or align with your organisations'. Completing CPD activity outside of VAT Update? No problem - you can add this to your TolleyCPD Tracker.

Short, engaging VAT updates, for VAT specialists

New! CPD Manager Dashboard

Now you can monitor CPD activity and set targets to ensure everyone stays on track. A nominated Training Manager within your firm can view the CPD activities and records across the entire firm, along with specific activities for the employees they manage.

Never miss a change in VAT

The world of VAT is dynamic and fast-changing. Be confident you know the latest VAT news and analysis and the practical implications.

Advise with certainty

Expert commentary from VAT specialist Mike Thexton who summarises the latest changes with practical guidance on the impact for you, your practice and clients.

Year long learning, anytime and anywhere

Online quarterly programme giving you the latest developments in VAT through a series of short, concise and clear lectures with detailed accompanying notes. All pre-recorded. All on demand to fit into your schedule.

Optional interactive testing and downloadable notes

Check and reinforce your understanding with an optional interactive test at the end of each seminar and downloadable cross‑referenced notes.

Maintain professional standards

Every seminar you watch is logged on your personal TolleyCPD tracker. As a tax professional you have an obligation to keep updated with the latest developments and trends to best serve your clients and reduce the risk of mistakes.

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