Lisa-Jane Harper

Senior Tutor at Tolley

Lisa-Jane joined Tolley in 2010 to write and lecture on corporate and international tax matters, with a particular focus on the papers for the Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT) offered by the UK Chartered Institute of Taxation.

A graduate from the University of St Andrews, Lisa-Jane completed her Masters Degree in Law at City University and went into private practice as a barrister (Lincoln's Inn) before training in tax with KPMG at their Tax Business School. Once qualfied as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Lisa-Jane worked as a tax lawyer in the City, undertaking predominantly cross-border transaction work and banking, before joining EY in 2004 to work offshore in the Channel Islands. Whilst working there she sat the ADIT exams and gained her international tax diploma.

When Lisa-Jane moved back to London she decided to use her overseas experience by teaching the Principles of International Tax, Transfer Pricing, UK and European Union options for the ADIT qualification, as well as the AT TOMC and APS TOLC papers for the CTA exams. Lisa-Jane also writes for the Tolley Corporation Tax Annual.