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Tolley Tax Tutor is delivered by the respected tax tutors of Tolley Exam Training. Through their experience they prepare impactful online tutorials with easy to follow illustrations to help you understand tax law and confidently apply these learnings in your practice area.
Tax knowledge in just 15 minutes

Each module is split into a series of short, pre-recorded tutorials, starting with the basics and building up to a comprehensive view of each tax. Available online or download the tutorials and supporting notes to watch, listen or read anywhere, anytime on any device.

Each individual tutorial counts towards your Continued Professional Development and is automatically recorded in the Tolley CPD Tracker. Personalise the tracker by adding your own targets, or align with Institute ones and record any additional CPD activity taken outside of the site too.

Tolley Tax Tutor in action

Tax Tutor covers business, personal, indirect and international tax in short, disgestible tutorials

For your tax career

Tax Tutor guides you in every step of your tax career. Whether you need a quick refresh, or to learn a new topic from scratch, Tax Tutor supports you with fast, flexible tax training.

Over 400 tutorials

Covering all major practice areas, each module breaks the subject down into short, manageable online tutorials. Tutorials are audio-visual with easy to follow worked illustrations built up on screen.  Tax Tutor teaches the tax rules and shows how they apply.  The tutorials are updated yearly for Finance Act changes.

Learning on demand

Tolley Tax Tutor is pre-recorded and written by specialist tax tutors with learning in mind. The bite-sized tutorial are available to watch online, or download with MP3 or MP4 files. Each tutorial aligns with comprehensive notes also available for download.

Pay only for what’s relevant

Select the Tolley Tax Tutor modules that are relevant for your business and your clients. Choose one, or as many as you need. The 9 available modules are Personal Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, UK Trusts and Estates, Business Tax, Corporation Tax, International Tax, VAT and Other Indirect Taxes.

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Only the modules you need

Our modular pricing means you can buy just the elements that are relevant to your business.
Choose just one, or as many as you need, for yourself or for use across your organization.

Prices for individual licenses start at £259 + VAT a year.

Personal Tax
Module 1: Personal Tax £259 + VAT
Module 2: Capital Gains £259 + VAT
Module 3: UK Trusts & Estates £259 + VAT
Module 4: Inheritance Tax £259 + VAT
Personal Tax Series (Modules 1-4) £929 + VAT

Business Tax
Module 5: Business Tax £259 + VAT
Module 6: Corporation Tax £259 + VAT
Module 7: VAT £259 + VAT
Business Tax Series (Modules 5-7) £732 + VAT

Other Indirect Taxes
Module 8: Other Indirect Taxes £371 + VAT

International Tax
Module 9: International Tax £371 + VAT

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