Small Practice

"It saves us research time and shows our expertise"

In many ways, the work life of a sole practitioner is much harder than that of someone working within a big firm. Of course there are benefits: the freedom of being your own boss, doing things your own way. But without the support structure that a large practice provides, the buck stops with you every time. Whether it's filling in a routine tax return, giving advice on some complex tax planning point or ordering envelopes, the sole practitioner is responsible for everything.


Since 1916 we have been helping tax practitioners to get on with their work by providing easy-to-use, simple summaries of the UK tax code. At first they were simply two sides of paper, printed with all the wartime tax rates and allowances. Nowadays there's Whillans's Tax Tables, a short book that details all the tax rates and allowances along with explanations and examples. To save you time, each book comes with a free download of Whillans Calc, an iOS and Android app that contains 17 calculators. Use them to get instant, precise answers to your or your client's specific situation, and see the workings for how the answer was derived.

The Tolley Tax Annuals are critical tools for many sole practitioners. Available individually or as a set, these six books delve into each of the main UK taxes and provide all the insight you need to advise your clients. Each book is self-contained, so when you buy them individually the cross-references between titles ensure everything is included. Each contains information for the current year and the previous four years, so you can plan your clients' affairs accordingly. 

If all you need is the essentials, Tolley's Tax Guide, winner of the Nation's Favourite Tax Book on AccountingWeb, summarises the entire UK tax code in one small volume.

TolleyLibrary Light

To cope with pressure on office space and the rapid rate of change in the tax code, many sole practitioners now choose our online resource, TolleyLibrary Light. You can buy all of our most popular titles individually, and your chosen titles are updated through the year. So you can be confident that you are always accessing the most current information available. Every subscription to TolleyLibrary Light includes the HMRC manuals and a news feed, free of charge, providing all the information you need in one easy-to-use online resource.


TolleyGuidance has become a critical tool in the armoury of sole practitioners across the country since we launched it in 2011. This online service merges a research platform and a learning tool to create straightforward "how to" guides for a wide range of tax issues. TolleyGuidance can help you to keep more client work in-house and take very complex client queries to a much further stage, or even to completion, before having to refer to specialists.


It is often said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But the big advantage of death over taxes is that it doesn't change every year. To help you keep abreast of all the latest changes in UK tax and accountancy Tolley offers a wide range of CPD services. If you are short of time try Online CPD Seminars, with updates split into a series of 15 minute online lectures that ensure you know what is changing, when, and what impact that will have on your clients.  Need a refresher or keen to expand your knowledge, access our annual 15-minute interactive Tax Tutor tutorials. Or if you want to stay on top of what's going on with VAT, access lectures from VAT experts with VAT Update.

And so, whilst the life of the sole practitioner is filled with responsibility, with Tolley by your side you can be confident that you are always making the right call.