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"I consider Tolley CPD Seminars Online to be of great benefit to me and for my business. They provide me with the updated knowledge to enable me to provide competent advice to my clients. There is clearly no travel time nor costs to worry about, and the ability to be able to digest the relatively short lectures at a convenient time is a great advantage. The lecturers are experienced and excellent, and supported by the visual aids and detailed notes, provide all one could need."

J Ferrers-Dunn
AIMS Accountants for Business
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  • Monthly personal and business tax updates, quarterly accounting and auditing updates

    Your annual subscription gives you a monthly programme of eight to 10 short lectures on the latest issues and developments in personal and business tax. Plus four times a year get the most recent changes in accounting and audit. Delivered to your desktop every month online.

    Developed and delivered by leading lecturers

    Lecturers including Rebecca Bennyworth, Chris Jones and Robert Jamieson present details and analysis of the month's key changes and their likely impact on practice.

    Every seminar backed with tests and notes

    You can watch each 15-minute seminar as often as you like, with pause, rewind and fast forward functions. Check your understanding with an interactive test at the end. And download the cross-referenced, comprehensive notes for use in your work.

    Monthly 1 hour tax webinar

    Access our new tax webinars with your subscription to Tolley Seminars Online. The free monthly webinars, produced by Rebecca Benneyworth, allow you to stay up-to-date on all the latest news regarding the Government's Making Tax Digital proposal as well as other key topics within the world of tax. Lasting only an hour, the webinars are added straight to your CPD tracker as soon as you view them.

    Simple, value-for-money, pricing

    A year's subscription, including your monthly packages of eight to 10 lectures, quarterly audit and accounting updates and accompanying notes is priced as follows:

    £515 + VAT (single user)

    Or contact us for prices for larger numbers.

    * The lectures within Tolley Seminars Online will only play on mobile devices that support flash (.swf), mp4 or mpeg-4 files. If you wish to download/stream the material, charges may apply (depending on your mobile contract). Some devices do not allow downloads. We recommend accessing the site via WIFI, which is usually faster than 3G.

  • Avoid the risk of out-dated or misinterpreted information

    Our experts are more reliable than internet searches. Our lectures and notes are easy to navigate. Why risk giving your clients inaccurate advice, when you can get information you can trust from our online seminars?

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    You can keep abreast of all the latest developments while you're commuting, between meetings, or whenever you have 15-minutes spare. So you can watch outside chargeable time, and stop wasting time searching for the latest information. 

    Enjoy maintaining your professional standards

    Our lecturers believe that you're more likely to learn and understand when you have fun. Customers tell us these seminars are enjoyable and effective. Keeping your knowledge current has never been so easy.

    Earn CPD points and keep track of them online

    Each seminar can count towards your CPD. Track your hours online with an individual account in TolleyCPD. Our system allows you to record your activity, each time you watch a seminar, pass a quiz or download notes. Add offsite activities so all your CPD effort is recorded in one place to satisfy your professional body. Please check with your professional body for guidance on CPD hours on online training

  • Life as an accountant can be busy, that's why we've made it easy for you to get to grips with Tolley Seminars Online with our handy bite-sized videos. 

    Up-and-coming lectures for January 2016.

    Personal Tax

    ISAs or pensions? (11.28 minutes)Dean Wootten considers how to use ISAs and pension funds effectively in the period up to and then during retirement as well as identifying an opportunity to use LISAs to mitigate IHT on death.

    Is directors' loan interest short or annual? (7.02 minutes)Dean Wootten explains how directors' loan interest is treated for tax and why this treatment is unaffected by how the loan is accounted for in the Balance Sheet.

    Dealing with non-resident landlords (8.34 minutes) Dean Wootten highlights how the Non Resident Landlord scheme works; he explains how to register as well as how the scheme operates for both letting agents and tenants.

    How to compute capital gains on foreign assets (4.07 minutes)Chris Jones looks at the outcome of a recent case that reminds us of the rules when calculating the capital gain on the disposal of a foreign asset.

    Pensions and the expression of wish (13.18 minutes)Dean Wootten clarifies how pension funds are taxed on death as well as the tax treatment that apples for any lump sums or income drawn by nominated beneficiaries after death.

    Business Tax

    HMRC guidance - Developing UK land - Part 1 (21.29 minutes)
    Chris Jones runs through recent guidance issued by HMRC relating to the new FA 2016 rules on developing UK land.

    HMRC examples - Developing UK land - Part 2 (10.32 minutes)

    Chris Jones continues to look at HMRC's guidance on taxing profits generated from developing UK land.

    FRS 102: Tax effects of the new finance lease definitions (11.23 minutes)
    Kevin Read details the new finance lease indicators, explains how existing operating leases may need to be restated and how this will impact for both tax and accounting purposes.

    VAT late registration – tax saving tips (15.06 minutes)
    Neil Warren explains what happens when a person registers late for VAT and how they can minimise the tax loss for this late period.

    VAT flat rate changes from 1 April 2017 (14.54 minutes)
    Neil Warren goes through the changes that will affect nearly 30% of current flat rate scheme users. He highlights the issues and identifies some useful planning tips as well.

    Accounting & Auditing Tax

    FRS 102 Triennial review (14.48 minutes) John Selwood draws our attention to developments within financial reporting and where it is going in the future including the impact that BREXIT will have.

    LLP SORP (7.15 minutes) John Selwood takes us through the proposals that are contained within of the draft LLP SORP; a final version in expected in early 2017.

    FRS 102 Practical considerations: Property, plant and equipment (23.28 minutes) John Selwood looks at some issues concerning recognition and measurement which seem to be the areas that people are struggling with within FRS 102.

    FRS 102 Practical considerations: Goodwill (9.30 minutes) John Selwood refreshes our knowledge of the issues arising when accounting for goodwill under FRS 102.

    FRS 102 Practical considerations: Basic financial instruments (13.56 minutes) John Selwood revisits the FRS 102 accounting treatment for financial instruments including trade debtors and creditors, loans and overdrafts.

    FRS 102 Practical considerations: Foreign currency (11.10 minutes) John Selwood goes back over FRS 102's approach to foreign currency and in particular functional and presentational currency as well as foreign currency translation for sales and purchases and foreign exchange contracts.

    Accountants' reports (13.06 minutes) John Selwood reminds us of what the qualified accountants' responsibilities are when assisting in the preparation of accounts rather than doing an audit.

    Attendance at stocktakes (8.51 minutes) John Selwood recaps on the ISA requirements that relate to the attendance of an auditor at a client's stocktake.

    Feedback on FRS 102 implementation (21.45 minutes) John Selwood takes a look at some of the problems that accountants have encountered when adopting FRS 102 for the first time particularly concerning presentation and disclosure.

    Data analytics and the audit (16.36 minutes) John Selwood explains what data analytics is, how it works and how it can benefit the auditor.

    Problems filing small company accounts (5.58 minutes) John Selwood revisits how to go about filing such accounts under the new Companies Act regime. Why are Companies House rejecting accounts?