The tax profession is going through a period of great change. Brexit worries dominate the political agenda, but is by no means the only issue on tax professionals minds.

Concerns also range from the complexity of tax law, the impact of automation, the quality of HMRC's services, and the attitude of the government and public to avoidance and evasion. A small but growing number of tax specialists are engaging in public debate, eager to help improve understanding of the tax system among the public and mainstream media.

Read our report 'Tax In 2019', which considers the main challenges facing tax professionals this year. Gain the advice of key industry experts from all parts of the tax profession on how to tackle the main pressures of your business.

The report includes:

  • An editorial from Andrew Hubbard on how the profession remains one to be proud of
  • Views from the coal face
  • A challenging landscape: from Brexit to MTD
  • Insights from the upcoming Tolley Industry Report
  • Views from key partners

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