In July 2020, HMRC set out a broad ten-year plan, with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and plans for the Single Customer Record (SCR) and Single Customer Account (SCA) at its heart. That plan will have to continuously adapt to accommodate new ways of working and doing business. It will have to keep pace with constantly changing technology, offering faster and more efficient ways to do familiar things as well as opportunities to do entirely new things. It will, as the Covid 19 pandemic demonstrated, have to react to the completely unexpected.

“We see MTD as a catalyst for change, an important first step, but Covid more than anything brought home to us what we could achieve with more and better data: we could have given more support, more effectively. We need to use every piece of data we have to full effect for the customer.”

Jo Rowland, Director General (Transformation), HMRC

Tax regimes have always been built on the foundation of what is possible. We taxed windows because we could easily count how many windows were on a building. But as technology evolves and we get an ever more forensic view of transactions, the art of the possible changes exponentially.

Technology & Tax Administrations

Featuring expert insights from the leading figures in tax and technology, Tolley’s Technology & Tax Administrations report provides a deep look into how tax authorities are currently using emerging technology to evolve the regimes themselves, and how this may continue to develop in the future.

Access expert analysis on these questions and more:

  • What are the benefits of tax digitalisation for HMRC, businesses & citizens?
  • Could technology change what we tax and how we tax it?
  • How much data should be shared and with whom?
  • How “citizen-centric” can technology make the tax system?
  • What possibilities do Open Banking, Blockchain and digital currencies offer?
  • What lessons can we learn from other jurisdictions?
  • What is possible, achievable, or desirable?

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