2024 exams and courses

1. How will the exams be run in 2024?

The CTA exams will be held in test centres and will be closed book. Students will be able to access their own version of the electronic legislation and Tolley’s online legislation (Digital Library) is now available to purchase. You will sit the exams on Exam4 on the test centre computers.

There will be no change to the ATT exams which will remain open book and will be sat remotely using Exam4. Further details are available on the CTA website and ATT website.

2. How will the online legislation work?

If you purchase the online legislation you will be given access to a personal account on our Digital Library. You will be able to highlight and bookmark your copy of the legislation. When you access your account from any device your annotations will be available and changes made will synchronise across devices. In the exam you will access your personal account and be able to use your highlighted version of the legislation.

Access to the legislation will be available on your Digital Library account until the end of February of the following year for which you have purchased it, e.g. 2023/24 legislation purchased for exams in 2024 will be made available to you until 28th February 2025.  If you purchase an updated copy to continue your studies you should copy across your annotations as soon as the new version is available.

3. How do I use the Exam4 software?

All Exam4 queries should be directed to the ATT and CIOT. They provide several useful resources on their websites such as how to download Exam4, how to use Exam4 and an exam day guide.

A link to download Exam4 will be emailed to you by the ATT/CIOT approximately 4 weeks before your exam. It is important that you download the latest version of Exam4 at each exam session as it is specific to that session.

4. How will Tolley be running their 2024 courses?

We will continue to run all ATT and CTA courses as Online Tuition Live. In addition, there will be face to face classroom courses for most papers in London and our regional centres but IHT, VAT and Human Capital CTA courses will be available as Online Tuition Live only. There is a blended learning option for some papers so you can choose online tuition with face-to-face revision and vice versa.

5. How do I sit the Computer Based Exams (CBEs)?

All CBEs are hosted by Prometric and can either be sat in-person at a Prometric centre or remotely using Prometric’s software ProProctor. We recommend reading all the guidance available on the ATT/CIOT websites to ensure you pick the option that is most suitable for you.

6. What support does Tolley provide for the CBEs?

We offer a question practice package for all CBEs which includes a question bank and 3 full mock exams via our Online Exam Centre. There is also an option to add Online Tuition Live tuition courses.

Please note that the CBE syllabus textbooks must be purchased directly from the ATT/CIOT and there are a few questions at the end of each textbook chapter. In addition, there are sample exams for each CBE on the ATT/CIOT websites which students can self-mark.

Study methods and support


7. What study methods does Tolley provide?

We provide a range of study options to give as much flexibility as possible for our students. At the heart of all our courses is our distance learning option, allowing you to study in your own time and at your own pace. We also have a Guaranteed Pass Scheme, tuition courses (face to face and online), revision courses (face to face and online) and blended learning options. You can find out more details on our Study Options page.

8. How do your Online Tuition Live courses work?

All Online Tuition Live courses are delivered via live scheduled sessions using Adobe Connect and cover the same content as our face-to-face classroom courses, delivered by the same expert tutors. For full details, and to watch a sample course in action, visit our Online Tuition Live page.

9. What is the Tolley On-Screen Mock (TOM) system?

Our innovative Tolley On-Screen Mock (TOM) system is unique to Tolley and is something we developed when the ATT and CTA exams went online. TOM effectively replicates what you will experience when using Exam4. We provide access to all of our question banks, practice exams and mocks via TOM so you can start practicing as soon as you enrol with us to ensure that you are fully ready for your online exams. You can view further information, and see TOM in action, on our Tolley On-Screen Mock System page.

10. What is the Tolley Academy?

When you enrol as a student with Tolley, you will get access to our online Tolley Academy. This is available 24 hours a day and is the main portal from which you access materials such as your electronic study manuals and memory joggers and can see details of all courses you are enrolled on along with key deadlines and practice exam marks. You will also use the Academy to access the Tolley On-Screen Mock system and can interact with tutors and fellow students via the online forums.

11. What is MyLiveBook?

All electronic learning materials are delivered via MyLiveBook, a secure e-book platform accessed directly from your Tolley Academy account or the MyLiveBook web reader or app. MyLiveBook allows you to highlight text, add comments, type notes directly into the pages and upload screenshots from courses to the relevant page of the study manual, allowing you to make best use of your courseware. Please note that you cannot download copies of the materials or print from MyLiveBook.

In addition to the MyLiveBook versions, we also currently provide electronic learning materials in PDF format accessible from the Academy.

Course attendance


12. What happens if I am ill and unable to attend the class?

You should contact the Client Service Team to let them know you will be unable to attend. If you require tutor support, you should contact the Team or post on the Academy forums.

13. What can I do if I do not have a computer or internet access?

You should contact your employer and make the Client Service Team aware of your circumstances.

14. Do you offer additional learning support for students with special educational needs?

You should contact the Client Service Team with details of your support needs. If you require alternative arrangements for the examinations, you should contact the ATT/CIOT.

Please continue to refer to ATT latest information regarding your exams:

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