Mike Thexton

Director at Thexton Training Ltd


Mike Thexton has been talking and writing about tax since passing the examinations of ICAEW in 1983 and CIOT in 1984. He currently spends his working time presenting regular VAT updates for the specialist staff of several large and medium-sized firms of accountants, writing the Quarterly Online VAT Update for LexisNexis, and providing tax and accountancy services to personal and small company clients.


Mike won the Taxation Magazine Tax Writer of the Year Award 2010 for his articles in the professional press, leaflets for the clients of accountancy firms and technical material on VAT. Among the pieces submitted to the judging panel were answers to Taxation magazine's Readers' Queries, concealed behind a mysterious pseudonym.


He has also published a book, "What happened to the hippy man?", about his experience at the centre of the hijacking of PanAm 073 in Karachi in September 1986. He is working on "VAT the heck!", a collection of weird and wonderful stories from the world of VAT, and looking for a publisher…