More about ATT training papers

You can choose to sit all the ATT written papers together, or to sit them separately. That decision, along with the order you choose, can be crucial to your exam success.

Tolley Exam Training recommendations:

> Pass your Computer Based Examinations first

Take your Computer Based Examinations before you start studying for your tax papers. This way, you can focus first on the specific requirements of the Computer Based Examinations, and then on the written tax papers. Usefully, the credits for the Computer Based Examinations last for longer than the credits for written tax papers.

> Consider sitting papers that have overlapping topic areas together

Some areas of taxation appear in more than one paper. If this applies to you then you might want to consider taking these two papers at the same sitting to reduce the amount of re-learning that you might have to do next time around.

> Recommended schedules

For students that have 3 papers to attempt we would recommend that you aim to spread the written examinations over two sittings. In most situations taking the two core papers at the first sitting followed by the option paper at the next sitting is the best combination.

In addition you might also consider planning your exam sittings to avoid having to update your knowledge to a new Finance Act. The exams for each calendar year usually test the Finance Act for the previous year (e.g. in 2019, the exams test Finance Act 2018).

We are always prepared to discuss your options with you before you apply to sit the exams especially if your choice is not one of the typical combinations above. Also if you want to split your studies over more than two sittings, we recommend you discuss the order with us before applying to sit the exams.