TolleyGuidance IHT, Trusts & Estates

The IHT, Trusts and Estates module of TolleyGuidance provides comprehensive advice on private client matters. It covers inheritance tax in entirety, as well as income tax and capital gains tax as they apply to trusts and estates. Notes on planning are linked to the appropriate technical guidance.  In addition to taxation, it includes material on the law and administration of trusts and estates, on topics such as intestacy, applying for probate and trustees' powers.

For practitioners who are unfamiliar with this specialist area, it aims to explain complex concepts in plain language to enable them to deal with compliance matters and tax planning queries without referring to an expert. Detailed examples demonstrate the effect of the rules on real life situations.

For the specialist private client practitioner, it goes beyond the summary of legislation found in other tax publications, and provides practical guidance on the effect of the law, on broad topics such as vulnerable beneficiaries, the tax pool, gifts with reservation and trusts for children. There are extensive notes on the popular planning topics of business property and agricultural property relief.

"I encourage others to use TolleyLibrary and TolleyGuidance to find answers for themselves rather than referring to me – it cuts down my time and they learn to do it for themselves."

Nick Harrop
Tax Director
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    Find practical guidance to apply to your client's situation, whatever your experience or specialism practice area. Our guidance is written by our in-house tax experts, all of whom work closely with current practitioners,

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    Understand how the law works in relation to your query and see best practice with worked examples and video lectures. Templates, checklists, flow charts and pro formas, plus pointers to helpful tips, make it quick and easy to apply the legislation.

    Get in-depth answers and broaden your knowledge

    Use our fast, intuitive search to get up-to-date information, referenced and with full access to the relevant manuals, legislation and HMRC guidance. Then follow links to more detail, legislation, case law and commentary.

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    Keep abreast of all the recent developments with each module's home page news section plus personalised news alerts. See what's going in your areas of focus and read our expert analysis to understand the impact on your business and clients.

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  • To make it quicker and easier for you to find the guidance you want, the module is divided into the following eight areas:

    Principles of inheritance tax

    Inheritance tax planning

    The charge to inheritance tax

    Lifetime planning

    Inheritance tax reliefs

    Will planning

    Calculation of inheritance tax

    APR planning

    Gifts with reservation (inc. POAT)

    BPR planning


    IHT schemes

    Special topics

    Overseas planning


    Trusts - income tax and capital gains tax

    Using trusts

    Tax categories for trusts

    Creating a trust 

    Income and expenses

    Administering a trust

    Income tax for trusts and beneficiaries

    Trust assets and investments

    Capital gains tax

    Trust accounts

    Special categories

    Distribution and the use of trust assets

    Tax returns and compliance 


    Offshore trusts (IT and CGT) 

    Offshore trusts general principles


    Estates - income tax and capital gains tax



    Application for probate

    Tax liabilities of the deceased

    Administering the estate

    Tax liabilities of the estate

    Distribution of the estate

    Beneficiaries' tax position

    Changes to the distribution

    Estate Accounts

    Cross border estates


    Estates - inheritance tax

    Charities administration

    Calculation of IHT on death

    Charities and tax

    Inheritance tax compliance for deceased estates