Sophie Hill

Senior Tutor at Tolley

Sophie is a very well known tax lecturer and writer and has been involved in ATT and CTA training for over 25 years with a reputation for giving clear, enthusiastic lectures.

Sophie is known for always having time to help students - whether in choosing which combination of CTA papers to sit and in which order or helping with technical queries.

Sophie started her career as a Chartered Accountant in the tax department of the London office of Andersen, qualifying in 1994 and winning prizes at every sitting of her ACA examinations.

She discovered her passion for lecturing through her involvement with internal tax training courses at Andersen and thereafter decided to pursue a full time training role, joining BPP Taxation Courses in 1996. Whilst at BPP Sophie passed her CTA examinations with distinction and was awarded the prize for the Personal Tax paper.

Sophie was CTA Course Director at BPP for some years before moving to Tolley in 2003. Sophie is one of the original members of the team who started the tax exam training business within Tolley. She is in charge of the updating of the material for both the distance learning and revision courses and the audio-visual lectures which Tolley provide to ATT and CTA students. Her knowledge of the way in which tax is examined across CTA is unrivalled.