Simon Groom

Director of Tax Content Creation at Tolley

During a 31 year career, mainly spent in training students for the ATT and CTA examinations, Simon has played a small role in starting the careers of many a tax professional, and during the last 10 years at Tolley he has spent most of that time leading the Tax Examinations business. He is now responsible for all of the tax content within Tolley, a role which means his appearances in the classroom are few and far between, but are probably more enjoyable for it.


During his career he spent time as a student at Arthur Young (now part of EY) where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, and Financial Training (now Kaplan) where he discovered a love of all things tax, which made studying and passing the ATII (now CTA) exams that little bit easier. He returned to EY in 2000, to work in their National Tax Training Team, and whilst there became a member of Council of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT), following many years of lecturing for them on student conferences, and as a volunteer on various committees. Re-reading this paragraph and seeing all the name changes makes the 31 year career seem even longer!


Whilst at the ATT he played a role in developing the examination structure and is now a member of their Members Steering Group, and Business Steering Group. He joined Tolley in 2006 and is now Director of Tax Content Creation.