Chris Jones

Chairman at Tolley

Chris is Chairman of the Tolley business and works closely with Jelena Sevo, Director of Tax Markets and her team to drive product and customer innovation to meet the ever-changing demands of tax professionals. He was President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation from May 2015 to May 2016 and was heavily involved in the evolution of the professional ethical code of the tax profession, working closely with all the major tax and accountancy bodies as well as HMRC and Government. He is also a member of the Taxpayers' Charter Advisory Committee and Vice Chair of the CIOT's Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG).


Chris joined LexisNexis UK in 2003 having sold ATC Tax Training Limited to the LN Group. He led the Exam Training business, which now leads the market in qualification tax learning in the UK, until 2009 when he took over responsibility for the entire tax portfolio, becoming a member of the UK Senior Leadership Team as Director of Tax Markets until March 2017. During his tenure Chris transformed the research platform aimed specifically at the needs and working practices of tax professionals through the creation of TolleyLibrary and developed the popular TolleyGuidance service. This led to the rebranding of the tax business of LNUK to Tolley in 2012.


Chris continues to have a tremendous passion for teaching and teaching methods and remains a household name on the CPD training circuit and lectures for many organisations. He also presents a number of specialist in-house courses for the top 20 firms of accountants.


Before moving into the training world, Chris was a member of the taxation department at PKF. He is also a graduate of Industrial Economics from Nottingham University. Chris works for Tolley two days per week, usually on a Monday and Tuesday. He lives on the South Coast with his partner, Tom, their adopted son Charlie and three dogs.