All the tuition is online and on demand. There is no in person tuition and no need to book any assessments for fixed sessions. All tuition material is provided as soft copy only. You study for each module in sequence and then sit the assessment at the end when you are ready.

The qualification is achievable in approximately four months (with 60 – 90 hours of study depending on pre-existing knowledge) but, in case of unforeseen events, your registration allows two years for you to complete it.  If you have not completed it within two years of your registration then any module passes you do have will expire.

You will have access to the tuition material for the life of your Diploma registration.  You will also receive the material for the route you did not choose but you will not be assessed on this module.

The material will be updated annually, starting in early 2024.  If you are part way through a module at this point then you will need to start the module again as it may have changed.