More about the registration process

ProcessWhat What you do
and receive
Step 1 Register with the CIOT You must:
  • Pay Student Registration Fee
You will receive:
  • Your CIOT candidate number (unless already an ATT/CIOT student/member)
Step 2 Register with Tolley You must:
  • Submit your CIOT candidate number and pay study fee
You will receive access to our Online Academy and Assessment Centre where you will find:
  • The learning materials for Modules 1-11
  • For Modules 2-11:
    – practice questions
    – practice assessments
    – a final assessment for each module
  • Standard price is £440 + £44 VAT
  • ATT or CIOT students / members is
    £396 + £39.60 VAT
Step 3Study You must:
  • Study and pass each Final Assessment in module order
You will receive:
  • Your result on-screen as soon as you have finished each final assessment
Step 4 Claim your certificate from the CIOT You must:
  • Pay the Certificate fee
You will receive:
  • A Certificate confirming overall success in the Diploma Modules