The Foundation Papers in Personal Taxation, Business Taxation and VAT Compliance are Finance Act dependent. This means that as the tax rules are amended each year the syllabus and content of these Foundation Papers also changes. The changes take effect on 1 January each year and it is therefore important that you leave enough time to study for these papers before the changeover to ensure that the questions in your exam are on the same Finance Act as your study material.

We recommend a minimum of three months of study before you attempt a Foundation Paper. Study materials for each new Finance Act are published every autumn e.g. materials for exams to be sat from 1 January 2020 were published in autumn 2019. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Registering in September/October with a view to sitting the exam in the following year (i.e. after the next 1 January) and purchasing the newly published materials.
  • If you are confident of sitting the exam before the 1 January, register no later than September and purchase the materials for exams to be sat before 31 December of the same year.

The Foundation in Transfer Pricing is not Finance Act dependent. The materials and exam questions are updated periodically rather than annually. You can register and sit the exam at any time. However, we would still recommend a minimum of three months of study before you attempt the Foundation in Transfer Pricing.

Our flexible online platforms allow studying and your exams to fit around you. Once you have registered and received the material, it is up to you to choose the timing of study but we recommend you complete the Foundation qualification within the time detailed above.