More about the registration process



What you do and receive


Step 1

Register with the ATT

You must:

  • Pay Student Registration Fee

You will receive:

  • Your ATT Student Registration Number


Step 2

Register with Tolley

You must:

  • Submit your ATT Student Number and pay study fee

You will receive:

  • Study Manual and Question Bank
  • Online Academy and Exam Centre Access

£360 + £36 VAT

Step 3


You must:

  • Study and pass each Module Exam in order

You will receive:

  • A PDF entitled "Eligibility to Sit Certificate Paper" when passed all 4 Modules


Step 4

Register with the ATT to sit the final Foundation Certificate

You must:

  • Access your ATT account to register for the final examination and pay the exam fee
  • Pay the Exam Fee


Step 5

Sit final Foundation Certificate Paper with Tolley

You must:

  • Sit the Final Mock
  • Then sit the Foundation Certificate Paper

When passed, you will receive:

  • Foundation Certificate from the ATT