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Features & Benefits

TolleyLibrary is a user-friendly online library, developed by working with leading tax practitioners and accountants. Learn more about how this essential tax research tool can aid your business…

Every aspect of tax and accountancy covered

Your subscription provides you with all the tax and accountancy information your organisation needs, online, in an easily accessible format. Browse consolidated UK tax legislation, accountancy standards and principles, and UK tax cases, along with our own commentary and analysis.

Simple search and browse functionality

Natural language search and dynamic filters allow you to quickly find the answers you need. Build your personalised selection of titles on the virtual bookshelf and narrow your search to just one or a handful of titles. Then browse, or read like a book, on-screen.

Cross-referencing so you see the whole picture

Gain perspective on your current query with instant cross-referencing between commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials. In addition, tailored email alerts and customised news pods keep you abreast of the latest news in your practice areas.

Commentary and analysis so you stay on top of developments

As-it-happens news alerts link to eminent commentary and analysis of the latest developments, including specialist case summaries. This allows you to find new opportunities for clients whilst ensuring the information you give is always accurate.

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Get the content that's most relevant to you

TolleyLibrary is arranged into eight different groups and complemented by a wide range of specialist bolt-ons:

  • Elements – created to suit the needs of smaller accountancy practices that undertake tax work for clients
  • Essentials – a complete research service, designed for high-street practices
  • Gold – built for full service general practice firms who do not specialise in VAT work
  • Platinum – created for large general practice firms
  • Tax Library – the pinnacle of tax research, designed for top-tier full service firms
  • Indirect – the definitive menu for indirect tax practitioners
  • In-House Tax Essentials – designed with smaller in-house tax teams in mind
  • In-House Tax – specifically for in-house tax practitioners

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