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Always up to date, always accurate and always simple to use.

Guidance through complex information

Breaking down complex information and providing practical guidance to apply to your client's situation, no matter your level of experience or specialist practice area. Our guidance is written by our in-house tax experts, working closely with current practitioners.

Understanding and applying the law

Guidance on how the law works in relation to your query, with best practice examples. Find templates, checklists, flow charts and pro formas, plus helpful tips, all to make applying the latest legislation simple.

Up-to-date news

Keep abreast of all recent developments, easily found within each module's home page or you can set up personalised news alerts. Always accompanied by our expert analysis making it easy to understand the impact on your business and clients.

New opportunities to build your business

Within our regular news updates and analysis you will find pointers for potential opportunities to expand your business. We draw attention to the risks you can help clients avoid, and examples of best practice in your focus areas.

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Modular subscriptions

Whether you want to update your general knowledge, get a deeper understanding on a specific issue, or gain insight into a specialist area, we have six guidance modules available:

Personal Tax

Essential for completing or reviewing tax returns and for tax planning. Tax compliance topics are structured around the pages of the tax return, helping you find exactly what you need. This module gives you all the information to help you structure your affairs efficiently.

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Owner-Managed Business

Guidance through tax issues faced by entrepreneurs. Providing in-depth practical material to help you deal with compliance effectively and efficiently, whilst identifying areas of potential risk and ensuring all available relief is claimed.

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Practical guidance to ensure understanding of VAT issues for domestic and international business transactions. Offering businesses and tax practitioners' practical tools and up-to-date information on all aspects of VAT and Customs Duty.

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Corporate Tax

Guidance through the tax issues that affect larger companies and multinational groups—from corporation tax compliance, to more complex tax advisory issues such as sales, acquisitions and flotations; company reorganisations and demergers; and international aspects including transfer pricing.

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IHT, Trusts & Estates

Guidance and comprehensive advice on private client matters. For practitioners unfamiliar with this specialist area, complex concepts are explained in plain language. For the specialist private client practitioner, we go beyond the summary of legislation found in other tax publications and provide practical guidance on the effect of the law.

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Employment Taxes

Guidance through the tax, national insurance and employment law questions that relate to employees and payroll operations. Employers, payroll operators, advisers and HR professionals can find practical and comprehensive resources.

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