Tax Updates for Lawyers

This regular update on important cases will inform participants of the outcomes of important tax cases.

There is a continuous flow of cases decided by the Tax Tribunals, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court which creates significant consequences for tax practitioners and their clients.

Quite often it is the reasoning behind the decision and comments made by the judges which have an importance as well as the outcome itself.

Delivered virtually or face to face, these seminars will highlight the consequences of the outcomes of key tax cases. In particular, they will look at:

  • How and why a decision is reached
  • The arguments deployed on both sides
  • The wider significance of the case
  • The precedents that it sets
  • Action points for professionals and their clients

These update seminars will be of particular interest to any professionals involved in:

  • Contentious litigation
  • Tax investigations
  • Advisory and compliance roles to clients

An in-depth examination of cases should provide a wealth of useful information to anyone who advises on tax matters.

Additionally Lexis Nexis also provides bespoke training on areas such as stamp taxes, ATED, CGT and IHT with the bias on the legal angle rather than considering the computational issues more traditionally found in tax training.

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