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TolleyLibrary gives you quick and easy online access to the UK's largest and most trusted source of tax and accountancy information.

TolleyLibrary is a user-friendly online library, from the most comprehensive, trusted source of tax and accountancy information. Find the answers you need, quickly and easily. Stay on top with critical news, up-to-date analysis and dependable commentary from established names. TolleyLibrary helps you to support your clients and save time.


  • Designed specifically for the tax and accountancy industry
  • Priced to fit your requirements
  • Trusted information, online, wherever you need it
  • Save research time, get results fast
  • Keep up-to-date, to build business and support clients

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"The main reason we chose LexisNexis as our main source of online tax information was the ease of use of the system and the way in which information is presented. We particularly like the book-style menu, which feels very familiar when we have been used to using books to a large extent for our information needs, and also the extent to which you can tailor the content of e-mail alerts so that we receive news information specific to our needs."

Sarah Horne
Head of Tax at The Co-Operative
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  • The industry's most authoritative content

    Get more than 90 years of experience and information (including Tolley, Butterworths, Simon's and De Voil). The latest news, detailed expert commentary or a judgement from the archives. All in one place.

    Covering every aspect of tax and accountancy

    Your subscription provides you with all the tax and accountancy information your organisation needs, online, in an easily accessible format. Consolidated UK tax legislation, accountancy standards and principles; UK tax cases, fully up-to-date; all of the HMRC materials, along with all of Tolley's commentary and analysis.

    Simple to search and browse

    Natural language search and dynamic filters get you the results you want fast. The bookshelf lets you build your personalised selection of titles, and narrow your search to just one or a handful of titles. Then browse, or read like a book, on-screen.

    Easy to get the whole picture

    Instant cross-referencing between commentary, cases, legislation and other legal material gives you the full perspective on your current query. Tailored email alerts and customised news pods keep you on top of the latest developments in your practice areas.

    Trusted information, delivered with the latest technology

    TolleyLibrary gives you fast access, intuitive search and shareable content, to answer all the information requirements of your organisation. Our comprehensive online library puts all of Tolley's tradition and expertise at your fingertips and on your desktop.

  • Created to meet your needs, and save you time

    We developed our online library by working with tax practitioners and accountants and adding the best of web expertise. Our search function was built specifically for the tax and accountancy industry. These foundations mean you get quick and easy access to all your specific needs for reliable research.

    Priced to fit your requirements

    Flexible pricing means you pay for what fits your situation and organisation. Choose from eight tailored core menus, and the option of any, all or none of 25 specialist bolt-ons. You can create a package of content that is appropriate for your organisation's needs.

    Information wherever you need it, so you can boost efficiency

    With online access on laptop and mobile devices, specifically developed for tax and accountancy professionals, you can get to the information you want right away, wherever you are.

    Keep up with the news, and build your business

    Find new opportunities for clients by keeping on top of developments. Build your business and ensure the advice you give is accurate and up-to-date with as-it-happens news alerts linked to eminent commentary and analysis of the latest developments, including specialist case summaries.

  • How to get the best from TolleyLibrary

    TolleyLibrary is the most user-friendly online library for tax and accountancy practitioners, containing the most wide-ranging, trusted information. Our bite-sized videos, online demos and user manuals help you to make the best use of every element.

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