TolleyGuidance Owner-Managed Business

The TolleyGuidance Owner-Managed Businesses module tackles the myriad of tax issues faced by entrepreneurs and their businesses. It provides in-depth practical material to help you deal with compliance effectively and efficiently whilst identifying and executing planning opportunities.

Find the rules on how sole traders, partnerships and companies are taxed.  Understand the risks and opportunities created by the interaction of income tax, NICs, corporation tax, VAT and stamp duties. The topics cover the entire lifecycle of a business, from considering the appropriate business structure, investing and extracting profits efficiently, to succession planning.

Turn to the module's guidance on dealing with HMRC's investigations and its array of campaigns, taskforces and initiatives, for reliable advice on how to handle them. From HMRC enquiries, the module provides commentary all the way to appealing HMRC's decision at tribunal.

Each topic contains detailed guidance with extensive links. Click though to the statute, case law, HMRC manuals and other source materials. Save time by using the worked examples, templates, proformas and videos. And stay up-to-date with the latest developments through the tailored news and analysis feed.

"I'd used TolleyGuidance previously and knew how useful it was therefore I wanted to add it to the existing tax library in the firm. I can't think of another competitor to TolleyGuidance in the market place."

Craig Hughes
Tax Director at BrownButler
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  • Reliable technical guidance

    Find practical guidance to apply to your client's situation, whatever your experience or specialism practice area. Our guidance is written by our in-house tax experts, all of whom work closely with current practitioners,

    Practical help to understand and apply the law

    Understand how the law works in relation to your query and see best practice with worked examples and video lectures. Templates, checklists, flow charts and pro formas, plus pointers to helpful tips, make it quick and easy to apply the legislation.

    Get in-depth answers and broaden your knowledge

    Use our fast, intuitive search to get up-to-date information, referenced and with full access to the relevant manuals, legislation and HMRC guidance. Then follow links to more detail, legislation, case law and commentary.

    All the latest news

    Keep abreast of all the recent developments with each module's home page news section plus personalised news alerts. See what's going in your areas of focus and read our expert analysis to understand the impact on your business and clients.

  • Reduce wasted time – increase chargeable time

    Trust the speed of our intuitive search function and save time by finding reliable answers fast. Make more time to work for your clients by using ready-made templates rather than creating your own letters and forms. Save managers' time by enabling juniors to handle more client-facing work using our step-by-step examples and simple guides.

    Subscribe only to what is relevant, and keep control of costs 

    Choose just the modules appropriate to your business and clients. You get access to everything you need to guide your clients, including the related HMRC manuals and guidance. Then add extra modules as and when they're required.

    Find practical guidance and insight, whatever your expertise

    Whether you need an update to your knowledge, deeper understanding of an issue or insight into a specialist area, TolleyGuidance can help you. Whether you need to check the detail of something you are familiar with, or brush up on something outside of your area of expertise, it's all here – up-to-date, quick to find, easy to implement.

    Use TolleyGuidance to help build your business

    In our regular news updates, analysis and ideas we highlight potential opportunities for expanding your work. We draw attention to risks you can help clients avoid, and feature best practice in your focus areas. So you can find new openings for client conversations

  • To make it quicker and easier for you to find the guidance you want, the module is divided into the following nine areas:

    Computation of taxable profit

    Sole traders

    Adjustment of profit

    Current year basis

    Capital allowances

    Relief for trading losses

    Trading activities

    Averaging of profit

    National insurance

    Tax Return

    Planning for sole traders


    Small companies 


    Corporation tax compliance

    Profit allocation


    Changes of partner

    Disclosure of tax in company accounts

    Partnership losses

    Corporate debt

    Partnership gains

    Intangible fixed assets

    Limited Liability

    R&D expenditure


    Relief for trading losses

    National insurance

    Close companies

    Tax returns 

    Extraction of profit

    Share schemes for SME's

    Tax incentivised investment

    Personal service companies

    Property businesses

    Business start ups & incorporation

    Trading or investment

    Starting in business

    Taxation of property income

    Trading vehicles

    Acquiring premises

    Personal service companies

    Setting up overseas


    Sale and acquisition of a business

    OMB Tax Investigations

     Selling the family business

    HMRC powers in relation to compliance checks

    Close a company down

    HMRC campaigns and voluntary disclosure opportunities

    Passing on the family business

    HMRC Taskforce visits

    Valuation of the business

    Business record checks

    Purchase by a company of own shares

    Checks on returns

    Buying a company or trade

    Contractual Disclosure Facility

    Management buy-outs

    Single compliance process


    Employer compliance

    Company reorganisations


    HMRC clearances

    Dispute resolution procedure

    Penalties for inaccuracies in returns

    Penalties for inaccuracies in returns

    Penalties for failure to notify 

    Interest and penalties on late paid tax

    HMRC programmes for deliberate defaulters


    Risk management

    Special businesses


    Solicitors & Barristers

    Doctors & Dentists - Coming soon