TolleyLibrary Light provides you with just the right content so you can always find the answers you are looking for.

Features & Benefits

We developed TolleyLibrary Light to meet the needs of smaller businesses. Discover more about how this accessible online library can improve your working day...

The industry's most authoritative content in one place

TolleyLibrary Light gives you the essential elements of taxation in a flexible, cost effective way. It takes twenty titles that you know and trust and provides a simple online library for you to access nine of these of your choosing.

Intuitive functionality speeds up research

The online interface makes it easy to uncover what you need. Search and browse your chosen tax titles, as well as save up to 100 searches. Results can be revisited for up to seven days, cutting down your research time further.

Daily updates ensure you have the latest information

Each tax book is fully linked to the HMRC manuals within the online platform itself, including daily updates to reflect the latest changes. This means you always have the most up-to-date information to hand when advising your clients.

Alerts help you discover new opportunities

Spot new ways to build your business and ensure accuracy when advising your clients. As well as short summaries delivered daily via the newsfeed, TolleyLibrary Light also allows you to set up alerts to flag developments in your areas of interest.

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Features & Benefits

TolleyLibrary Light allows you to choose the titles that you require, so that you can confidently deal with your clients’ needs. Select from the following:

  • Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook
  • Tolley's Orange Tax Handbook
  • HMRC Manuals
  • Tolley's Tax Data
  • Tolley's Capital Allowances
  • Tolley's Capital Gains Tax
  • Tolley's Corporation Tax
  • Tolley's Estate Planning
  • Tolley's Expatriate Tax Planning
  • Tolley's Income Tax
  • Tolley's Inheritance Tax
  • Tolley's International Tax Planning
  • Tolley's National Insurance Contributions
  • Tolley's Property Taxation
  • Tolley's Stamp Taxes
  • Tolley's Tax Cases
  • Tolley's Tax Computations
  • Tolley's Tax Guide
  • Tolley's Tax Planning for Owner-Managed Businesses
  • Tolley's Taxwise I
  • Tolley's Taxwise II
  • Tolley's Value Added Tax
  • Tolley's VAT Cases
  • Tolley's VAT Planning
  • UK Parliaments Act
  • Whillans's Tax Tables
  • Whillans's Worldwide Taxes
  • Butterworths Company Law Handbook

If you have purchased the most recent print edition of one of these titles and want to add online access through TolleyLibrary Light, please contact your account manager or customer services on 0330 161 1234 with your original proof of purchase.

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