Tolley Library Light

There's a fine line between right and wrong

TolleyLibrary Light gives you simple, cost-effective online access to the essential tax titles you know and trust.

TolleyLibrary Light offers small businesses the content they need, online, in a simple-to-use interface. Keep control of costs by choosing up to nine of your favourite trusted titles. Get to the information you need in the format you want with online-only access or full access, online and in print.


  • The essential elements of taxation
  • Always completely up-to-date
  • Options for online and in print, to use wherever you are
  • Pay only for what you need

"You need support, so a good library resource is essential. I always turn to Tolley because it offers the breadth and depth of content I require. The coverage in my key areas is very detailed. I have complete confidence that whenever I log on I am looking at authoritative, current material. I especially like the hyperlinks, which enable me to click quickly to another area, and using this resource typically speeds up my research by about 50 per cent."

Keith Bonney
K.P Bonney & Co
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  • Choose the trusted information you need, in the format you need it

    Pick up to nine titles from 20 of our most popular books including Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook, Butterworths Company Law Handbook and Whillans's Tax Tables.

    For each title you can choose online only access or the print and online bundle. Online only costs the same as the print only version of your chosen title. The print an online bundle, with all the advantages of the familiar book format plus our easy-to-search online format, costs just 20% more.

    Choose from:

    • Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook
    • Tolley's Orange Tax Handbook
    • Moore Stephen's Yellow Tax Guide
    • Moore Stephens' Orange Tax Guide
    • Tolley's Tax Data
    • Tolley's Capital Allowances
    • Tolley's Capital Gains Tax
    • Tolley's Corporation Tax
    • Tolley's Estate Planning
    • Tolley's Income Tax
    • Tolley's Inheritance Tax
    • Tolley's National Insurance Contributions
    • Tolley's Property Taxation
    • Tolley's Stamp Taxes
    • Tolley's Tax Cases
    • Tolley's Tax Guide
    • Tolley's Tax Planning for Owner-Managed Businesses
    • Tolley's Value Added Tax
    • Whillans's Tax Tables
    • Butterworths Company Law Handbook

    If you have purchased the most recent print edition of one of these titles and want to add online access through TolleyLibrary Light please contact your account manager or customer services on 0845 370 1234 with your original proof of purchase.

    Stay up to date

    Our newsfeed delivers the latest news in short summaries. And you can set up alerts to flag changes or new information in your areas of interest.

    Simple to search and browse

    Our online interface makes it easy to find what you need in your chosen titles. Search and browse the content you've bought. And save up to 100 searches so you can revisit your results for up to seven days.

    Get the whole picture

    Each title is fully linked to the HMRC manuals within the platform itself, including daily updates to reflect the latest changes.

  • Created to meet your business needs, and save you time

    We developed TolleyLibrary Light after talking to smaller businesses. So we've made it easy to get to reliable answers, fast, from the titles you trust linked to the relevant HMRC manuals.

    Priced to fit your requirements, and control your costs

    Title-by-title pricing means you pay only for what fits your situation and business. For each title decide whether you need just online access or full access in both print and online. Then enjoy cost-effective essential content.

    Your trusted titles wherever you need them, online and in print

    With the print and online bundle you get fast online access on desktop and laptop, along with the familiar print versions in the office. You can boost your efficiency by getting to the information you want right away, wherever you are.

    Keep up-to-date, and build your business

    Find new opportunities for clients by keeping on top of developments. When you know all the latest news and developments, you can spot new ways to build your business and ensure accuracy when advising your clients.