EU Tax Cases Tracker

Bringing your organisation in line with EU direct or indirect tax cases.

Follow the progress of tax cases through the European Court with this unique tax tracker from Tolley. This online service allows you to follow your cases from national court referral, through Advocate General opinion and onto ECJ judgment.


  • Early identification of tax cases that are likely to be referred
  • Track tax cases once they are with the Registry at the ECJ
  • Use the tax tracker when the AGO and Judgment are published 
  • Find out what happens to tax cases when they return to the national court 
  • Unique identification of tax cases that are not being referred to the ECJ
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Court diary entries

    Access court diary entries detailing forthcoming European court dates and follow them early on with email alerts as they progress through the courts.

    Detailed reports and analysis of ECJ case judgments

    Receive detailed reports and analysis of ECJ case judgments, including the local and European implications and further expected developments within the case.

    European tax current awareness

    Read news, blogs and rumoured issues on European tax cases and stay on top of any changes and upcoming developments within the industry.

    Regular European case news and analysis

    Stay up to date with European case news and analysis with regular updates from a distinguished European Editorial Board comprising a network of tax experts in the key European jurisdictions, led by Philip Baker QC.

    Contributions from tax experts across the EU

    Receive real time, authoritative information with contributions from 16 expert EU tax consultants from across the EU, including lecturers in tax law, directors and barristers.

    Covers a range of countries within the EU

    Use the EU tax cases tracker to cover cases in: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

  • Early identification of cases

    Use the tax tracker to identify, early on, cases that are likely to be referred (i.e. rumoured/prospective cases) or tax cases which have already been referred to the ECJ and the issues that these cases arise.

    Stay ahead of your competitors

    Keep one step ahead of your competitors by using the tax tracker to stay up-to-date and identify new tax planning opportunities that meet the needs of your clients and future prospects.

    Track cases that have been returned to the national court

    Keep updated with tax cases once they return to the national court or their impact in terms of national legislation. It is often difficult to stay updated on what has happened to cases in the UK once returned to the national courts.

    Benefit from fast delivery of information

    Acquire fast, succinct delivery of information in complex tax case law and learn about any developments in European tax cases.

    Find all information in one place

    Receive all the case information you need in one place with the EU Tax Cases Tracker and take advantage of the unique analysis available.

    Save time

    Enjoy more free time, rather than trawling through numerous print sources and websites or contacting European colleagues and national Government departments.