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Our training programme for the Enterprise Investment Scheme Diploma helps you to prepare thoroughly. Study with our proven study programmes and benefit from our expertise in tax and training.

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    The EIS Diploma is an online examination, designed to build on little, or no, previous knowledge and develop your expertise in the Enterprise Investment Scheme. It is ideal if your work involves advising on or requires a knowledge of EIS or SEIS. And it is perfect if you have an interest in the Enterprise Investment Scheme and are looking for an entry-level qualification.

    Professional development, personal speed

    The modular format splits the diploma into six manageable chapters, with the opportunity to sit an online mock examination, followed by a final full diploma exam. So you can work at your own pace.

    With Tolley Diploma Training you get:

    • Comprehensive study manual written by experts in EIS with unique online support and mock exam questions
    • Interactive online examinations that can be sat at a time that suits you
    • An EISA accredited certificate on completion
    • Opportunity for further technical updates as an affiliate member of the EISA

    Easy online application

    Sign up today, using our online application form. It's straightforward and so much simpler than paper forms.

  • The Enterprise Investment Scheme Diploma is recognised and accredited by the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA).

    These are the examination details:

    The Qualification

    The diploma consists of a mock examination and a final diploma exam. The mock examination and final full diploma exam are carried out online via the Tolley Online Exam Centre available through the Tolley Online Academy. The mock examination and the final diploma exam are one hour long with all questions being a multiple choice style. You can sit the exams at any time that suits you.

    Study Material

    To help you study for your Diploma you will receive the following study package:

    • A study manual written on the basis of no prior knowledge in an easy to follow style, with worked illustrations and examples for you to try
    • Access to the Tolley Online Academy, which contains all your study material online to help you study when it suits you. You also have access to student and tutor forums
    • Tolley Online Exam Centre with a mock assignment for you to try plus the final full diploma exam
    • Tutor support to answer your queries either via the forums on the Academy or via email 
    • How to Pass booklet explaining how to start your studies and the best way to study to achieve success in your diploma exam

    The Mock Examination

    After studying all of the chapters you will have the technical knowledge to attempt the online mock exam.

    You can access the online mock exam on the Online Exam Centre through the Online Academy. The online mock exam comprises 30 multiple choice questions. You should attempt this before attempting the final diploma examination. The online mock assignment replicates the final examination environment.

    It is important that you allocate an uninterrupted hour to the mock examination as you will be "timed out" at the end of the hour.

    If you fail to achieve the required mark we recommend you revisit your study manual and consolidate your knowledge further. You may take the mock exam as many times as you wish.

    Final diploma examination

    The final diploma exam is also an online multiple choice exam that you access from the Online Exam Centre.

    The final diploma exam is 60 minutes long and comprises 30 multiple choice questions. The questions can cover any of the material in the study manual. It is important that you allocate an uninterrupted 60 minutes to the examination as you will be "timed out" at the end of that time.

    If you fail to achieve the required mark in the final diploma exam we recommend you revisit your study manual and consolidate your knowledge further.

    You may only take the final diploma exam three times and these attempts must be within two years of enabling the final diploma exam. The 30 questions are selected at random from a bank of questions. If you sit the exam a second time it will be quite different to your first attempt.


    When you enrol with Tolley as a student, your fee includes student registration,  your study package with the final Diploma examination fee and EIS Association accreditation.

    Once you have successfully completed the EIS Diploma you are entitled to  Affiliate status of the EIS Association. A further fee is payable direct to the  EIS Association for Affiliates and this includes updates from the EIS Association  technical seminars. To arrange payment of this fee and for further information on the  EIS Association visit their website www.eisa.org.uk

    Exam entry 

    Once you are registered as a student you are entitled automatically to sit the mock and final examinations.

    Permitted texts

    You may take the tax tables given on the Statement of Practice with you into the EIS Diplomas exam. Tax tables contain details of tax rates and allowances. A copy of the tax tables is provided with your study manual.

    The information about permitted texts is detailed in the Statement of Practice available on the Online Exam Centre.

    Pass Mark

    To pass the final diploma exam you need to get 18 out of the 30 questions correct.

    At the end of the final diploma exam the computerised system will calculate your mark and inform you whether you have been successful.

    You will not be told which questions you have got right – you either pass or fail.


    You will be informed of your result immediately after the end of the final diploma examination. You will not be told which questions you have got right – it is either a pass or fail.

    When you have passed the final diploma exam, you will receive an email inviting you to apply for your formal diploma certificate.

  • Study and revise for your EIS Diploma with Tolley Exam Training. You choose the timing of your study and your examinations.

    Key Dates 

    Sit the mock exams and the final exam at a time to suit you.

    You may take the mock exam many times as you wish.

    You may only take the final diploma exam three times.

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