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"I consider Tax Journal to be a key resource for keeping abreast of developments in the ever-changing world of tax. What sets it apart is the quality of its contributors and the specialist insight and opinion which it provides."

Ken Almand
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    Tax Journal's writers concentrate on corporate tax, international tax, VAT and other indirect taxes, employment and pensions taxes, and key personal tax issues. Articles and special reports cover relevant and highly topical issues, thoroughly and concisely.

    Written by tax experts for tax experts

    Tax Journal keeps you properly informed with articles and commentary written by the finest minds in tax. Find new ideas, insightful opinions and practical tips that can improve your effectiveness. 

    Keep ahead of developments

    Tax Journal's analysis and commentary will help you give your clients and the board the best practical advice at the cutting edge of tax legislative changes and HMRC proposed initiatives. It leads the way in informed debate on UK tax law and practice.

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    Your subscription to Tax Journal includes the weekly print magazine; unrestricted access to with an archive of more than 5,000 articles and comments; 'Back to basics' and 'Practice guides' to help you handle complex tax issues in practice; a weekly email newsletter; and access to the mobile site from your smartphone.

  • Make sure you never miss what matters in tax

    The weekly magazine brings you thorough, concise and specialist knowledge. With news updated as it happens on the Tax Journal website you can be sure you always have the latest views of every aspect of tax legislation and practice.

    Stay on top of deadlines and developments

    The tracker features help you keep abreast of all the key dates, cases and consultations, and timetables that affect you, your clients and your organisation.

    Get opinions on real-life issues from experts

    Each week leading tax advisers give their views on topics from government proposals to readers' tricky tax questions. So you can get an expert point of view on all the issues that are currently troubling your industry peers.

    Helps you be the best you can be

    Top practitioners, including senior experts at HMRC, leading practitioners, tax directors, tax QCs, and well-known commentators, provide their informed insight and practical guidance on new developments. So you're ready to apply the latest thinking to your own work.