Tolley In-House Training

Prepare your team for life on The Front Line

Training that's custom built for your colleagues. Delivered by experts,to suit you.

For training that works for your business and your people, look to Tolley's experts. We use our expertise and knowledge, in tax and training, to deliver programmes that fit your people's needs, your business goals and your budget.


  • Core competencies and latest issues
  • Specialist speakers, for specialist subjects
  • Optimise your budget, minimise wasted time
  • At your preferred location and dates
  • Feature
  • Benefits
  • Tailored training

    We develop and deliver training programmes to match the requirements you specify. Lectures or interactive workshops, discussions or webinars. One-to-one, small teams or large groups. Imparting technical and specialist knowledge, for beginners or as a refresher.

    Up-to-date and relevant

    Whatever the focus of your business or practice, we present the most up-to-date view of the subject, and incorporate the issues that are most important to your people and your clients.

    From general updates to complex and specialist topics

    Our speakers and trainers are experts and we can call on Tolley's specialists when needed. Subjects include:

    • Accountancy and audit
    • Finance
    • Tax
    • Law
    • Skills training
    • Human resources
    • Practice management

    Budget and business friendly

    Choose your location (your own premises, or a venue that suits you). Choose your dates. We provide a cost-effective training programme that reduces travel and accommodation expenses and provides long-lasting benefits.

  • Make the most of our expertise

    Our team are experts in training AND in accountancy and many are practicing professionals. So they are familiar with the latest issues and legislation and the implications on practice and business. And every speaker is chosen for suitability to your business, and assessed for training and presentation ability.

    Save money

    The costs of commissioning tailored in-house training compare favourably to buying into public courses. You save on accommodation and travel costs. And we can help you fit the training you need into the budget you have available.

    Save time

    With a custom-built course you minimise travel time by choosing your own premises or a local venue, at times that suit your people. And avoid eating into partners' billable time by inviting them only when they want to get involved.

    Avoid risk

    When you work with Tolley's training you can be sure all the information is up-to-date and all the analysis and guidance is accurate and complies with current practice. So there's no risk of the people we train giving clients advice based on out of date or in correct information.