We live in a world awash with data and with ever more sophisticated means to store, analyse and utilise it. Technology is transforming tax and finance functions at a pace and on a scale that is unprecedented.

While tax authorities are driving part of the digital agenda (through Making Tax Digital in the UK and more broadly in ways described in the recent OECD report Tax Administration 3.0: The Digital Transformation of Tax Administration), technology itself is transforming the way businesses - from nano-businesses to multi-national companies (MNCs) - handle tax compliance and planning internally.

“Technology is moving faster than most people’s ability to absorb change”

Ian Hayes, CFE Tax Technology Committee Chair

Featuring insights from the leading figures in tax and tax technology

Tolley’s Tax Technology Horizon report provides a deep dive into the key issues that digitalisation presents to business and tax advisors, including:

  • What tax technology tools are available, and how are they being employed?
  • What opportunities and challenges does tax technology present for the future?
  • How is technology changing the skill sets required within tax practices?

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