Entrepreneur's relief, which gives a Capital Gains Tax rate of 10% rather than 18% or 28%, is something that business owners have come to expect when they sell their business. Whilst a lot of cases are straightforward the relief is full of traps for the unwary and it is important that practitioners are fully aware of all of the implications, particularly if it is something that they don't deal with that often. Tolley have provided you with a comprehensive guide to entrepreneurs relief, which not only takes you through a reminder of the basic rules but also some of the more complex cases that will involve more thought to decide if the conditions have been satisfied. Amongst other things it will cover;

  1. Associated disposals
  2. Partnership and trust disposals
  3. Interaction with EIS and VCT reliefs
  4. Reorganisations
  5. A summary of the key points to help you avoid common mistakes.

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