How do Online Support Sessions work?

Tolley’s Online Support Sessions are pre-recorded sessions run by our expert tutors covering key topics within the ATT and CTA syllabus. The sessions vary in length and are ideal if you need to recap on some areas, or understand in more detail some of the trickier topics that are found within your paper.

There are two types of Online Support Sessions available: coverage of key syllabus topics, and question debriefs where our tutors will work through three exam-style questions to help you improve your technical skills as well as guide you on exam technique.

You are able to choose as many Online Support Sessions as you want and, once purchased, all sessions will be available to view via our online academy for the Finance Act that you have chosen.

> View the full list of topics available and the ATT and CTA papers that these relate to

Please be aware that if you are a GPS student then all these topics are covered within your course.

See an example of our Online Support Sessions in action