Standalone qualification

The ITP standalone qualification provides the tax skills and knowledge required of a tax professional working in a varied client environment and comprises of three levels.

The first level of the standalone qualification consists of three two-hour examination papers covering Principles of Taxation, Financial Accounting and Business Law. These tax exams provide the fundamental knowledge on which the technical tax knowledge will be built.

The second level of the standalone qualification is made up of three examinations, each lasting two hours and 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes reading time). These will require you to react to client scenarios. The papers will cover:

  • Taxation of Individuals
  • Taxation of Companies
  • Indirect Taxation

The third level features a Test of Professional Tax Expertise, which assesses the competences and skills of a tax professional. The award of the qualification requires the successful completion of the above elements, along with relevant training in ethics. Certain exemptions may be available from the first and third levels.

The pass mark for each paper is 50%.