How it works

The EIS Diploma is an online examination, designed to build on little, or no, previous knowledge and develop your expertise in the Enterprise Investment Scheme. It is ideal if your work involves advising on or requires a knowledge of EIS or SEIS. It is also perfect if you have an interest in the Enterprise Investment Scheme and are looking for an entry-level qualification.

After studying all of the chapters, you will have the technical knowledge to attempt the online mock exam.

You can access the online mock exam on the Online Exam Centre through the Online Academy. The online mock exam comprises of 30 multiple choice questions. You should attempt this before attempting the final diploma examination. The online mock assignment replicates the final examination environment.

It is important that you allocate an uninterrupted hour to the mock examination as you will be "timed out" at the end of the hour.

If you fail to achieve the required mark, we recommend you revisit your study manual and consolidate your knowledge further. You may take the mock exam as many times as you wish.