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Prepared by some of the best-known tax lecturers nationwide, Tolley Tax Tutor offers clear and concise tutorials on major tax areas. Suitable for both practitioners and students, the interactive audio-visual sessions can act as in-depth teachings or simple refresher courses. Hugely convenient, lectures are also extremely time and cost effective as you won't have to take time away from billable work to attend one. Delivered as a CD-ROM set or entirely online, Tolley Tax Tutor makes learning tax fast and flexible.

 Why use Tolley Tax Tutor?

  • Hundreds of audio-visual lectures covering nine major tax areas
  • Written and prepared by the UK's best-known tax lecturers
  • Suitable for tax practitioners and students
  • User-friendly presentation format with graphics and diagrams throughout
  • Fully interactive with questions throughout to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Presented in 15-minute segments as a CD-ROM set or online
  • Cross-references to hundreds of pages of notes to ensure verification
  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons mean you are in control
  • Complete tests and earn CPD hours as you go along

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