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If you study effectively you will maximise the benefit from your valuable time, so how should you go about it? Have a look at the articles below which will give a few tips on what to think about. Articles relevant to the examinations often appear in magazines like Taxation and Tax Adviser, so these are worth reading on regular basis, and of course, look at the website of your examining body for things like newsletters and guidance from the examiners. Here are a few articles to get you started.




Exam Technique

Click on the pdf below for guidance on exam technique.

New CTA Examination

If you want to go back to basics on the new CTA examination, click below.


Click the pdf below, if you’re not sure where to start on the legislation.

New Penalty Regime

See below for guidance on the new penalty regime. 

Money Laundering

If you find anti-money laundering a bit tricky, click below for more information. 

CTA Application Paper

If the CTA Application Paper is causing problems, read the pdf below for some advice.


If it’s e-Assessments that you worry about, click below to read our advice.