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Our newly-written study material has been prepared exclusively by our tutorial team. The material is worded and laid out very simply to make it easy to follow and understand as well as providing a thorough explanation of each topic. We believe that Tolley is the only training provider in the market that does not use writers who are remote from the classroom, thus ensuring our material is both exam-focussed and easy to understand.

The course material for both the ATT and CTA examinations is based around loose leaf study manuals. This enables you to add in your own notes and attempts at examples in the appropriate place, giving you a comprehensive personalised file for each relevant tax. At the end of each chapter there is a summary of important areas covered.  You may wish to extract these pages and collate them to form a comprehensive revision summary.

Tolley study material

Our question banks have been written specifically to dovetail with our study manuals and our audio-visual lectures and allow students to test their knowledge on an ongoing basis.  By matching the question bank chapters with the study manuals, we are ensuring that you attempt the right questions at the right time.  Every question will be within their capabilities and they are designed to build confidence as well as testing understanding.

As you progress, questions become more complex, building on the knowledge obtained in previous chapters.  By the time you complete each question bank, you will have attempted many exam standard questions. Guidance is given within the manuals as to when to attempt each question.

Our CTA material is specific to whichever Advisory, Awareness or Application module the student has chosen.  Our students are supplied with one manual for each area of tax, covering only the topics relevant to their route.  Each manual will cover all aspects of the particular tax being studied including administration of that tax. We do not require students to ignore parts of the text depending on the CTA module being taken. For example, if you are studying the advanced corporate tax paper you will be provided with a bespoke set of materials for that subject.

The CTA question banks for each area of tax will contain graded questions so students acquire a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build. Questions will only contain technical material that has been covered in the relevant chapter or in chapters covered earlier in that module. It will not assume knowledge from other modules. We can also provide separate Law and Ethics question banks containing a wide cross-section of questions covering all aspects of the course.

In addition, our CTA application question banks contain a comprehensive range of brand-new “interaction” questions specifically written by our tutors as a response to the introduction of the new syllabus.