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The Chartered Institute of Taxation is the leading professional body in the United Kingdom concerned solely with taxation. The Institute’s primary purpose is to promote education and the study of the administration and practice of taxation. Members of the Institute have the practising title of “Chartered Tax Adviser”. Membership of the Institute is open to individuals from all disciplines who are competent and qualified to advise on taxation matters. The Institute deals with all aspects of direct and indirect taxation and is a member of the Confederation Fiscale Européenne, the umbrella body for taxation advisers in Europe.

[+] The Qualification

[+] The Advisory papers

[+] The Awareness paper

[+] The Application paper

[+] Choosing your CTA papers

[+] The e-Assessments

[+] Registration with the CIOT

[+] Exam entry with the CIOT

[+] Permitted texts

[+] Pass Mark

[+] Results

[+] CIOT contact details

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