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Don’t just take our word for it … read what our clients have to say about us ...


“The online service enables us to quickly access information from anywhere. It offers great depth and quality of content, allowing us to punch above our weight in terms of our size. Without Simon’s and TolleyLibrary we could not maintain the top ten per cent of our client portfolio, which brings in the biggest fees.”

Tony Ingham, Partner, Ingham & Co


“TolleyLibrary is continually improved; more organised and remains user friendly. We keep coming back from year to year.”

Susi Luard, UK Tax Director, BGC Partners


“TolleyLibrary has dramatically reduced the need for a paper based library and consequently freed up valuable bookshelf space. It has also removed the need for the laborious task of updating the loose leaf binders.”

Wendy Philips, Head of Tax and Heritage, Sotheby’s


“The main reason we chose LexisNexis as our main source of online tax information was the ease of use of the system and the way in which information is presented. We particularly like the book-style menu, which feels very familiar when we have been used to using books to a large extent for our information needs, and also the extent to which you can tailor the content of e-mail alerts so that we receive news information specific to our needs.”    

Sarah Horne, Head of Tax, The co-operative


"As part of a small team with responsibility for all taxes across multiple jurisdictions, breadth of coverage and early identification of issues relevant to the business is particularly important.  Tolley Library facilitates this, along with in-depth analysis and a much improved user interface.” 

Mike Jackson, Senior Tax Manager, Hogg Robinson plc


"As a tax practitioner I find the TolleyLibrary service invaluable as it provides clear and comprehensive tax advice in a user friendly manner."

Owen J Williams, Head of Tax and Treasury, Lumesse Limited


"As an in-house tax manager I use TolleyLibrary as my primary reference for research. I rely on its authoritative and up to date content.” 

 John Brooks, Indirect Taxes Manager, LV= Group


“The feel and layout of the new platform is a huge improvement from the old version with the search function and bookshelf being the best of the additional functionality provided.  That, together with the superb in-depth content, makes LexisNexis the "Roll Royce" of the online tax technical library providers. Since choosing to stay with LexisNexis, my team and I have been very happy with the service offering and the follow up training provided on how to use the new platform has proved to be invaluable.”   

Caroline Patient, Senior Tax Manager, Allianz UK


"TolleyLibrary is our first port of call for researching tax issues, mainly because of the breadth of materials available."

Angela Shah, Head of Tax, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd


“The new look TolleyLibrary is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate and provides a comprehensive range of legislation, case law, HMRC materials and commentary across all the taxes.” 

Jennie Rimmer, Head of Tax, Lockton Companies International Limited


We find this to be an invaluable and essential tool.  It is comprehensive, authoritative and easy to use.” 

Christine Daniels, Daniels Accountants


“The TolleyLibrary online service provides a comprehensive and in depth tax resource and so is our first choice tax reference tool”.

Alan Wells, Group Tax Manager, South Staffordshire Plc

“As a boutique consultancy, the comprehensive coverage and accessibility of the TolleyLibrary service is pivotal to the quality of tax advice I am able to give my clients.”
Steve Seabrooke, Director, Strategic Revenue Services Limited

“When you think of tax the first name you think of is Tolley’s”
Paul Williams, Jeffreys Henry LLP

“Tolley’s tax annuals give us all the information we need and are easy to find your way around”
Joy Granat, Holden Granat

“Tolley’s tax annuals are familiar, I like the layout, they are easy to read and easy to follow”
Denis Doyle, First Fix Supplies Ltd

“Whillan’s is my bible, it’s so simple to follow”
Denis Doyle, First Fix Supplies Ltd


Case Studies


“We have benefited from the knowledge and expertise of trainers over many years. Aside from a complete grasp of the subject matter, the trainers are able to provide practical  examples relevant to the PKF client base which demonstrates that they really understand our business.”

John Watkins, PKF LLP


“I passed my exams and could not have done so without the support from all the tutors and staff.”

Jignasha Patel, CTA Student

“We have had positive feedback from all our students – both before and since receiving their exam results. With regard to the level of tuition provided by Tolley, the support they received from their tutors, and the quality of materials provided, it has all combined to raise our levels of expectations with our students, and their own level of performance. This is the second set of results since we started using Tolley Exam Training and for the second time running we have had a pass rate of 100%.”  

Rosie Adams, Frank Hirth LLP


"First Tolley Seminar I have attended since starting my own practice - very impressed and useful - I willl be back regularly."

Ian Burton, AIMS Accountants for Business


“I consider Tolley CPD Seminars Online to be of great benefit to me and for my business. They provide me with the updated knowledge to enable me to provide competent advice to my clients. There is clearly no travel time nor costs to worry about, and the ability to be able to digest the relatively short lectures at a convenient time is a great advantage. The lecturers are experienced and excellent, and supported by the visual aids and detailed notes, provide all one could need.”

J Ferrers-Dunn FCA, AIMS Accountants for Business


In the past staff were forced to travel to Hull, a round trip of 100 miles, to attend regular CPD seminars. Following a request by Ingham & Co, supported by other firms in the area, a full CPD programme involving leading speakers is now run in Scarborough. “We were delighted that our needs were taken on board. Across the firm we were wasting almost 200 payable hours a year in travel time, not to mention fuel. I estimate that we have reduced our CPD training costs by 50 per cent.  At a time when we are under pressure from clients to keep fees down this willingness by LexisNexis to listen has made us more efficient.”

Tony Ingham, Partner, Ingham & Co


“A truly outstanding lecturer who held my attention throughout.”

Colin Brigden, Media Square PLC

‘One of the best CPD lectures I have attended in many years. Completely relevant and excellently delivered’

Steve Hale, Perrys


Tax Journal

 "As a busy in-house tax team, staying current can sometimes be a challenge – so many technical summaries and cases to read, but so little time! Which makes the Tax Journal an important tool for us. It not only provides an excellent mix of articles and information on current tax law, policy and administration matters from a variety of contributors, but the new format makes it even easier to pick out the areas of interest quickly so we can focus in on the most relevant pieces. Our favourite aspects are the Speed Reads, the Back to Basics articles and the case summaries."

Tanya Richards, British Sky Broadcasting Group plc


"I consider Tax Journal to be a key resource for keeping abreast of developments in the ever-changing world of tax. What sets it apart is the quality of its contributors and the specialist insight and opinion which it provides." 

Ken Almand, Mazars


"The Tax Journal is of importance for big businesses operating in the UK. With commentary from leading tax experts, as an in-house tax adviser I find it informative yet practical guide to the latest UK tax developments."  

Kirsten White, Shell


"Taxation provides an excellent range of analysis, commentary and practical information on issues affecting SMEs and individuals. It has built up decades of credibility as a trusted source of information."

Francesca Lagerberg, Head of Tax, Grant Thornton


“The logical structure of the modules on TolleyGuidance caters perfectly to the technical requirement of our practice. The package is an excellent guide with ease of use and clarity of content. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the videos and examples which we think will add great value to our internal training programs. We have used LexisNexis for a long time now and we must say that the client services are remarkable. We really appreciate all their efforts in designing client specific, user friendly products at affordable prices.”

Sailesh Shah, Partner, Flemmings Chartered Accountants


"We have found Tolley Guidance to be easy and intuitive to use. We also appreciated being able to use the product under demonstration licence for a few days before making up our minds to purchase."

Senga Prior, Tax Senior, Bell & Company

"Thank you for all the time you spent helping us to put together a package that meets the technical requirements of our tax practice. We are very impressed with all the Tolley products we have seen but what made us decide to switch from our old provider of online information to LexisNexis was TolleyGuidance. This product is excellent and very user friendly. I deal with a lot of Owner Managed Businesses and this module in particular has all I need to hand. I was very impressed with the specimen Tax Clearance letters and the commentary on “Purchase of own shares.”

Steven F. Taylor, Partner, Murray Taylor


Essential Business Development Skills for Accountants 

"This is another excellent product from Tolley and fully complements the resources utilised in driving our practice forward in an ever changing environment."

James Dishman, Managing Director of Marbles FD Ltd